Street Dance For Women Level 2 Release + Burlesque Lesson

Hi Dancers!

We're happy to announce Level 2 of the Street Dance For Women program!  In Level 1, we learned Bollywood, Belly Dance, and Contemporary Hip Hop.  Level 2 complements Level 1 perfectly, and this exciting new program offers these dances: Burlesque, Chair Dance, and Alter Ego - a custom dance style designed to make you feel like you're dancing in your own music video.  And, just like Level 1, each dance consists of two great routines designed for beginners, as well as a workout routine in each style of dance.  

Today, we share a sample Burlesque lesson below - feel free to give it a whirl!  If you like what you see, click here for more info on the Street Dance For Women Level 2 program.

Happy Dancing!