Club Dance For Women Level 1 Program For Beginners (Digital Download)

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"Sexy And Fun Dance Moves Designed For Beginners To Get You Comfortable On Your Night Out!"




Said to yourself "I have no rhythm" or "I can't dance"?

  Needed to drink before dancing, which only made things worse?

Avoided the dance floor altogether and sat off for most of the night?


Got tired of the same boring club experience and wanted a FUN NIGHT TO REMEMBER?


Thought that you were the WORST DANCER IN THE WORLD?


Got tired of not knowing what to do with your hands while doing the same two dance steps the whole night?


Felt out of place or uncomfortable at a girl's night out because you couldn't dance?


Wanted some sexy dance moves to flirt with guys ?


"Relax! Our Club Dance System Has Easy To Learn Moves That Will Get You Dancing Quickly And Confidently"

Believe it or not, most women don't think they can dance or say they can't dance, yet we all love to dance.  It's in our nature! If you think you're an absolute beginner, you're not alone, but fear not, our programs are perfect for you!  We've spent an extensive amount of time teaching women of all backgrounds how to dance, crafting it JUST FOR BEGINNERS.

Women Dancing In A ClubBest of all, our love of dancing and teaching experience shows through!  We break down each dance move carefully, just as we do when teaching in real life.  If a certain dance move is trickier, we isolate each body part and work on them.  We also identify common problem areas most women have with certain moves, and show you the best way to becoming a better dancer.  Remember, it's more important to dance a few moves with style than to dance a large number of moves poorly!

We also use slow practices and warmups to get you started and familiar with your body.  As you get better, you progress to faster practices and sexier dance moves that combine more body movements.  Eventually, we'll help you develop your own style as you choose the moves you love most and match the music you dance to.

And, of course, what kind of club dance program would this be if we didn't show how to dance with guys?  We show all the latest, greatest moves to mix it up with guys.  We keep things sexy WITHOUT letting it get raunchy - from our experience, we honestly believe that's the best way to turn up the heat and intensify the attraction.  If you have to flirt a little, what better way than on the dance floor?


Hitting the dance floor and grooving to all your favorite songs is now within your reach! The warm-ups, practices, and dance moves combined on this video will help you better understand your body and learn how to use rhythm so that you will feel more comfortable when you’re in the clubs!

Most importantly, all our moves are CLUB-TESTED.  We don't teach dance routines - those are for dance performances and competitions.  Our material is made just for the clubs and social events. &nbsp We've gone out to the clubs a countless number of times with students and have partied the night away on the dance floor.   Our beginner core dance moves are highly repeatable and work across most styles of club dance music, while our higher level moves branch out to work with different genres of music, whether it be an smooth, urban jam or a high energy progressive house track.

Club Dance For Women Level 1 Program

Club Dance For Women Level 1 has been carefully designed for the absolute beginner, so if you're terrified of dancing, think you have no rhythm, don't know anything about club music, uncomfortable with your body, then THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.  Angela has spent years instructing women just like you on how to get rhythm, build confidence, and let loose!

First, we start off with some rhythm exercises to different styles of music to get your warmed up.   Next, we step it up with some easy moves accompanied with slow practices.  As you get better, you'll move on to the faster practices, and when you're ready, go on to the next dance sexy dance move!  If you're not, no need to worry!  Just do the practices again - that's what they're designed for!

At the end, we review all the moves learned, combine them, and see how they work to different styles of club music, as well as with a partner! (side note: for more partnering lessons, it's best to see the series)

Why waste any time? Get started today and finally have some REAL FUN IN THE NIGHT CLUBS.

"Learn How To Groove, Move, And Shine On The Dance Floor Today!"


This Beginner's Program Features:


Basic rhythm exercises to get you started

  Easy-to-learn moves followed which help you understand and grow more comfortable with your body

Practice sessions that start with slow beats, followed by club speed practices once you're ready


Tips and styling on how to dance to different styles of music played in a club


Demonstrations that will show you how to incorporate those moves with a partner on the dance floor!


Feel like you have the basics down?  No problem.  Our lessons are designed with difficulty levels in mind.   Although most of our moves are taught with beginners in minds, we step it up with some slightly more difficult variations as well as reserve a few intermediate moves, such as waacking, isolations, and sexy hip moves.   Although you're not competing for a dance show, you certainly can dance comfortably on your own!

Also, if you're interested in more moves with guys, especially if you have someone special in your life, we also recommend you take a look at our Partnering program.  It's a great, little dance system that shows men and women how to mix it up on the dance floor.  

About Angela

Pickupdance instructor Angela is a professional dancer, choreographer, fitness teacher, and dance instructor. She has over 15 years of experience teaching dance, from beginner children's jazz funk classes to complex hip hop routines for competitions. Her work includes being on several high profile dance videos that have over 10 million combined Youtube views, as well as a dancer for Katy Perry. Check out her dance reel below.