Club Dance For Men Level 1 Program: Beginner Rhythm And Basic Steps (Digital Download)

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"Build Rhythm, Comfort, And Attraction On The Dance Floor Today!"

  Hey! Does this sound familiar?
You've said to yourself "I have no rhythm" or "I can't dance"?
You needed alcohol (aka liquid courage) to get dancing and only ended up dancing even worse?
You stood at the side of the dance floor watching everyone, holding your drink in hand, too scared or embarrassed to go on the dance floor?
You danced the same boring dance moves all night while everyone else seemed to be partying?
Wanted to actually have FUN in a night club or anywhere there's dancing?
You've danced with a girl, but didn't know what to do?


"The Most Complete Dance Course Designed For Beginner Men!"

Hi, my name is Ki'une, and welcome to the Club Dance For Men Level 1. I'm really excited to be introducing this program to you as it's been newly updated, totally revamped, and is now the BEST Club Dance Program out there. I created the first and original Club Dance For Men program a few years ago when I was frustrated with the club dance scene. It was the same dance scene, same dance moves, same so-so experiences with women.

I wanted more. I wanted something different. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to face my fears. I love facing my fears. In fact, I keep a whole separate blog on this topic. So, I went out to the clubs every night, experimented a LOT, learned all kinds of dance, mixed and matched, and came up my with my unique dance programs.

My Youtube channel has received millions of views since then, but the core of my interest is developing a program based on my teaching experiences and feedback from my original program. Over the years, I re-released revisions of the program as it evolved, but this time around, I've gone back and re-filmed the entire program to make it the best program out there.  In fact, it's so full and jam-packed, that I consider it more to be a dance course than just a program.

Club Dance For Men Level 1 Program

"Believe It Or Not, You CAN LEARN To Dance!"

The fact is, dancing at a club or social venue doesn't have to be intimidating. It should be fun. Here's the deal. You've probably have a long life to live, and it's much better to be dancing through it. Whether I'm traveling in exotic countries or at home, I always find myself in situations where dancing is useful.

The Club Dance For Men program is all based on real teaching and dance experiences. The women in it are real girls I've met dancing and in clubs. The students I've taught are real. I've taught men of all shapes, sizes, and dance levels - ESPECIALLY beginners and ultra-beginners. I've heard it all: I can't dance. I have no rhythm. I'm the worst dancer in the world.  And yes, I can help.

The dance system taught on this program was created from learning and combining years of experience in different dance styles, spending countless (but enjoyable!) hours in the club refining the moves, and most importantly, actually teaching guys how to dance in clubs!  This is the original program that's the most popular out there because it works.  Watch, learn, and step up your dancing today! 


In Club Dance For Men Level 1, I put together all the core, basic dance moves you need to learn to get comfortable and to start building your confidence on the dance floor. Rather than covering a whole lot of dance moves and losing you, I spend time working on styling and making it look right and natural, along with plenty of practices, which is more important.

This newly updated, no-frills beginner course features:

Basic rhythm exercises designed for ultra-beginners
Easy, beginner  dance moves to get you moving
Important practices at slow and club speeds , and to urban and electronic music
Over 50 licensed  commercial  club tracks , with an increased emphasis on electronic dance music
Separate lessons covering hand movements for each dance step
Introduction to transitioning dance moves and customizing your dance to the music (musicality)
Basic dance moves with a girl with demos
Bonus downloadable video with extra practices included


Also included is VIP access to the site where bonus beginner tools, videos, and lessons are available.

Runtime: Approximately 5 hours

The below lesson is a free web lesson.  Many similar practices can be found on the program.