Youtube EDM Dance Mixes

Here are some decent EDM mixes to practice to. I usually post slightly older stuff to make sure it's not a mix that will get taken offline. Let me know if any of these mixes are removed though. 

If the videos don't load, it could be an embedding permissions issue. Click the title to watch the videos directly on Youtube.

The popular hits EDM playlist from Spinnin Records is a pretty good start for some pretty mainstream EDM hits.

This EDM mix is full of several remixed chart songs.

Deep House is the perfect music style for practicing EDM dance moves, but sometimes it's mixed in with "chillout house" or "lounge house" which is too mellow to dance to. This Deep House mix by Onsulade is definitely danceable and highly recommended for practicing EDM dance moves to.


This mix by Shingo Nakamura is a bit slower in tempo. Contrary to the title, there's lots of deep house in there.

Here's another Deep House mix is better.