Locking And Waacking For Women



Not Just For Guys - Learn How To Lock In A Sexy, Femine Style And Mix It Up With Waacking!

Locking is one of the original social dances to appear.  It's funky appearance and recognizable, eye-catching moves was particularly designed for funk and disco.  Fortunately, the funky sounds from the 70's hasn't disappeared, and you'll encounter plenty of funk on the dance floor, whether it be the original tunes from back in the day or mixed in with today's hottest dance tracks.  More importantly, the dance has evolved with plenty of other modern street styles.  It's a flexible enough dance style that you can mix in with EDM, Hip Hop, or House Dance, and we'll show you how.  Add the locking style of dance to your arsenal today and turn some heads!

On top of that, in this special one-of-a-kind program designed for women, Lydia shows you how to add some ladies' styling and sexiness to locking!  An additional disc also covers waacking, a super-sexy related dance from the disco era that seamlessly mixes in with locking!


This Locking Instruction Program features:

Instruction from reknowned locking instructor Lydia aka Baby L

Slow practices to get you warmed up and faster practices when you're ready

Combo lessons to help get you started on dancing freestyle and adding in your own flavor

Lessons on mixing up locking with EDM and Club Dance

Designed for beginners and people new to locking

Sexy locking styling for women

Full program on waacking basics with practices!

Note: This program is the same as the Locking For Beginners program, but with an additional disc on waacking.

The below free lesson and practice shows how you can use locking for today's hottest and funkiest club tracks!