How To Dance To What Do You Mean By Justin Bieber (EDM + House Dance Lesson)

In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to "What Do You Mean" by Justin Bieber.  It's a popular song and rightfully so - the song has some clean and nicely produced house elements.  It has a faster tempo than Justin Bieber's other hit "Sorry", so we'll ease it up by using some less dynamic moves such as the Groove Step and the Train Pump - both are covered in my EDM/House Dance programs.  

Again, the song like many EDM tracks hits several quiet sections, in which we'll practice isolations.  This time, we'll be doing it more freestyle, but I cover these isolations in my programs.  

I also throw in a tricky Jacking transition to switch your feet for the Train Pump.  Try it if you can, but if you can't do it, just stick to the right foot forward Train Pump, and try the transition when you're ready.  Finally, I'll finish with a bit of freestyle dancing, which if you practice, I hope you'll be able to do too!