How To Dance To Sorry By Justin Bieber (EDM Dance Lesson)

Justin Bieber Sorry Dance Lesson

In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to "Sorry" by Justin Bieber.  It's a popular song and rightfully so - the song has a classic house sound do it.  It also has a slower tempo, making it a great pratice song for beginners.  We'll build into the song by doing half-jacking and jacking for the verse.

The song hits several quiet sections, in which we'll practice isolations.  In the first break, we'll practice shoulder isolations.  You won't actually do it in the club, but we'll smooth it out in the next break.  We'll also mix in body rolls, which are great for those quiet sections in EDM and clubs songs.  Finally, we'll do the Swirl dance move for the chorus.  You can either choose to do the switchup pattern like me, or regular Swirl if you're a beginner.

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