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"The ULTIMATE Dance System Designed For Today's Hottest Electronic Music Styles. Guaranteed To Work Worldwide."



Learn how to dance to hard hitting electro club tracks?

Learn how to dance to all kinds of trance music?

Learn dynamic, freestyle moves for hard club beats like deep house or rave?

Learn a fun dance style that's perfect for electronic music?

Learn an adaptable dance that's good for from crowded clubs to HUGE raves?

Learn how to dance eye-catchingFREESTYLE, for a cypher or even a club battle?

Learn isolation moves for progressive dubstep, and how do to dance to dubstep?



Electronic and electronic-mixes are the music styles of choice in most clubs around the world these days. Whether it be a club in Europe, Ibiza, or LA, you're going to encounter electronic club beats wherever you go.  I've danced in clubs all around the world, and can tell you that wherever you go, electronic dance music is a universal language, and it ALWAYS gets the party started.

Many of you have told me that you want to learn more dance moves for these styles of electronic music: Top 40 Dance, Euro, Trance, Electro, all kinds of House - such as deep house, disco house, tribal house, progressive house - as well as harder forms of electronic music such as Rave, Techno, some forms of progressive Dubstep, and Jungle or Drum and Bass.

So, what I've done is I've taken all the feedback from my students and viewers, tested them out, and put together a customized program that covers House Dance moves and mixes in some Club Dance moves and styling for electronic club music. I'll explain two different styles for most of the dance moves in the program. First, there's the Club Dance style, which usually involves smaller steps and works well for clubs, parties, and socials. I also cover the classic House Dance style, which is good for House Music venues, Raves, beach parties, larger spaces, and if you just want to learn House Dance and have fun.

House Dance For Clubs Level 1 Buy Download House Dance For Clubs Level 1 Buy DVD


House Dance is a very adaptable dance for electronic Club Dance since it IS an electronic dance style that's been around for a while, and it's the dance style that goes with house music, which is the FOUNDATION BEAT for many of the hottest club tracks today. Many of the dance moves can easily be tuned for Club Dance.

House Dance is also very versatile - I've incorporated House Dance in my other dance styles, such as salsa and locking, as well as seen mixedHouse Dance with B-boy groundwork, popping, waacking, and other street styles. Levels 1 and 2 will cover a lot of house dance fundamentals that'll build you up properly, as well as mixes in some club styling to make it practical and fun.

"Club Dance With Style To Hard Hitting Euro Electro, And Dance Beats, Or Learn To Freestyle To Trance, Rave, And House!"



There's more footwork involved, so it's a little trickier than the beginner Club Dance series, but as usual, I'll break down the moves slowly from multiple angles in a format that's easy to follow. I also include multiple practices at different speeds so you can build up your styling properly. As requested by you, most moves will have a slow practice and a fast practice, and some moves have more practices to try dancing to different kinds of electronic music.

In all the practices, however, we'll follow my recommended training method. First, you'll work on the steps and footwork pattern. When you have that down, you'll work on your body movement and style, and finally, you'll free up your hands when we cover hand moves and patterns. Finally, when you're ready, we'll transition and combine different dance moves together in special lessons and practices so you can work on becoming a freestyle dancer.





The program is pretty jam-packed, it's 4 DISCS LONG, Available on DVD or digital download. With that said, the program actually ran long, which is great for you, so I've included warmup stretches and exercises as a downloadable file or you can access it in the online bonus section! As always, The online bonus section and mobile access is included, where there are plenty of other Dance lessons, practices, music, and tips, so make sure you log on to get all of that.

Finally, I've licensed plenty of new professionally produced electronic tracks for us to practice to - music that you'll actually hear in the clubs. They're really amazing commercial tracks to dance to, so you'll get to try out dancing to all kinds of electronic music.


House Dance For Clubs Level 1 features:

Fundamental House Dance moves that important for building your dance rhythm and style

Club Dance styled moves targeted for electronic music in club environments

House Dance moves taught classic style for raves, larger venues, and freestyle

Multiple speed practices and dance move combinations

Over 50 licensed club tracks, with several commercial club tracks

Bonus downloadable video warmup and stretch routines

Access to VIP online bonus section

House Dance For Clubs Level 1 Buy Download House Dance For Clubs Level 1 Buy DVD