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House Dance For Clubs And EDM Level 2

Love EDM (Electronic Dance Music?) So Do I.  Get The Most Out Of It.

I've been teaching Club Dance for years, and have seen the music played go through some major changes in recent years, particularly in North America.  Ten years ago, you'd find most clubs playing a long hip hop/R&B set with some pop dance tracks thrown in here and there.  North America went through a period where candy-colored raves playing deep house, drum and bass, and trance were huge fluorished, and then they went underground.  Meanwhile, over in Europe, electronic dance music (EDM) retained its popularity, from the wild parties in Ibiza to the legendary Love Parades in Germany.

Fortunately, the energetic EDM beats made their way back around the world, and everyone wants to dance now.  In my travels around the world, I've seen a lot of frenetic movements, but not a lot of good dancing.  Sure, you can get away with jumping up and down at an overcrowded rave, but for most EDM venues, you'll want to DANCE.  And, if you love EDM like me, dancing better will connect you to the music even more. The good news is that I've developed the solution.

House Music, although relatively new in the span of modern music, has been around for a while, and House Dance is an even newer form of street dance. What's best about House Dance is that it's an evolving and adaptable dance style - it flows with EDM and all the kinds of House Music.  You can mix other dance styles with it easy - you can add locking to funk house, popping to progressive/tech house, salsa with Latin house - it's whatever suits your style.

Maximize Your Connection To The Music You Love

House Music actually forms the foundation of most EDM tracks these days.  You won't find a modern DJ who doesn't know his/her classic house tracks.  House Dance has evolved from EDM, and as such, is a dance designed for EDM.  However, you don't need to learn House Dance in its purist form.  House dance choreographed routines and certain moves are too strict for EDM clubs, raves, and outdoor festivals.  Since I also teach club dance, I've mixed what I've discovered to the best of both styles for EDM.

I'll teach you the foundations, as well as some style, and eventually, you'll pick what you like from the practices, incorporate it, and use it for your favorite genres of EDM - whether it be trance, deep house, progressive dubstep, or electro.  My courses are jam-packed, have club-stomping EDM tracks, practices, and much more.

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House Dance For Clubs And EDM Level 2