How To Slow Dance For Beginners Program (Digital Download)

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"Simple, Classy, And Contemporary Slow Dance Perfect For Beginners."

Are you a beginner dancer but want to...


Learn how to do a slow dance that's more than just hugging someone on the dance floor?


Do more than just one or two turns in a dance?


Ignite a spark or create some romance on the dance floor?

  (Men) Get comfortable and confident with leading a dance?

(Ladies) Throw out your arms and style your turns, just like the pros?
  Dance without looking at your feet?
  Have fun dancing, and maybe even flirt a little?
  Take your mind off the way you dance and just have fun?
  Do some of those great looking moves that you see on dance shows?
Make an impression with your friends, family, and peers at socials?

(note: this is the same program as the 2-disc Wedding Dance program)

Here's the reality. Most couples slow dance by embracing in a hug on the dance floor and slowly rotate in a circle for the entire song. Maybe they might throw in an awkward turn or two, but that's it. Don't get me wrong. These couples want to do more, but don't know how. There's always ballroom dancing, but it's far too complicated, and instead of doing a slow hug, you're left doing a very stiff-looking box step - pretty much a robotic dance.

Here's where our program comes in. I've taken my dance style to socials, jazz bars, and night clubs around the world, danced to all types of music with dance partners of all different skill levels. More importantly, I have a lot of experience teaching beginners like you to dance.  Everything I teach is tried, true, and tested.  I've taught men, women, and couples of all ages how to dance for weddings and socials to all kinds of music, from a slow R&B jam to a classic contemporary soft rock track.


"NO Formal Steps. NO Ballroom."

Although the program is partly designed for a wedding dance, it works equally well, if not better, as a social dance. In fact, it's a little easier for a slow dance since you don't have to worry about covering a lot of space or the pressure of everyone watching. Just try not to outdo a couple if you're attending THEIR wedding, OK?

The slow dance system we're sharing with you has been built around that same basic step you've probably done already - simply stepping left, right, left, right. Of course, I've tuned up that basic step with some great tips on posture, position, and style that will really make a big difference on your dancing.



And, as you can see in the previews, there really are NO formal steps. You're not out to win a dance competition, you're just going out to have fun - and that's what my slow dance program is all about.

Without the formal steps, what's left is what defines my program: easy-to-do, fun, elegant turn patterns and moves designed for beginners. Everything is taught step by step, starting with just basic turns, and then moving up until we reach the dip finale. You can choose the moves you'd like to do. All the dance moves are simple, a little flirty, and look great. For example, men, you'll lead a world-class looking dip, while learning how easy (and non back-breaking) it is.

How To Slow Dance For Beginners

"Easy Steps From A To Dip!"

Several turn patterns and variations are included for those of you who want more, definitely more than enough for many songs. Start with the easiest ones and take your time learning some of the more interesting moves. They work for all kinds of slow dance songs, and particularly work well for adult contemporary, soft rock, and slow jams (R&B). I also show you how to customize the dance for simple folk tracks and slightly faster songs, such as uptempo R&B or rock ballads. Best of all, it's all very contemporary and timeless - the dance will never look outdated.

I love dancing. I will create a dance floor wherever I go, even if there isn't one. Don't believe me? Have a look at our dance profiles.  Dancing is infectious. Good dancing is even more infectious.  And here's the reality. You've probably got many more years to live, so you should make the most of it. Dance for life. Dancing should be fun and a part of a fantastic, fit lifestyle. People will always love to dance. It's never too late to learn, and I've made it really, really easy for you to start. I've created this program so that you can enjoy dancing as much as I do. I really believe in what I do.

Here are some of the songs the program is perfect for:

Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud"

Ed Sheeran - "Perfect"

Shania Twain - "From This Moment"

Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"

Aerosmith - "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"

LeAnn Rimes - "How Do I Live" 

Kelly Clarkson - "A Moment Like This"

Mariah Carey - "Hero"

Selena - "Dreaming Of You"

Usher - "Burn" 

Nat King Cole and Natalie King Cole - "Unforgettable"

Norah Jones - "Don't Know Why"

Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift - "Two Is Better Than One "

Boyz II Men - "End Of The Road"

(note: this is the same program as the  2-disc Wedding Dance program