How To Dance To EDM Level 2 Program: Shuffle Footwork (Digital Download)

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"The Best EDM Dance Program Leveled Up - Freestyle To The Biggest EDM Hits Today!




Dance harder and better to the LATEST EDM HITS around the world?


Glide across the dance floor to some mellow Trance or Deep House or rock hard to aggressive Tech or Progressive House?


Build some foundation EDM dance moves then build off them to freestyle and combo, transition, and switch your dance style with all genres of EDM?


Know how to dance at a rave or EDM music festival like Coachella or Tomorrowland


Get some amazing footwork, and take it to the next level with freestyle moves?


Get a bit on the ground and show some styling lofting (ground) moves?


Get ready for our How To Dance To EDM Level 2 program.  Building on the most popular Club Dance series available, we're ramping it up with faster, stylish EDM Dance moves, while still keeping the steps useful for all kinds of club music.  

We drilled the basics in Level 1 and got you moving.  Now in Level 2, we'll build with more hard-hitting and stylish moves, while stepping it up with some really great footwork.  I've chosen a set of core dance moves that work great for all club situations, and also added a few classic House Dance moves.

We'll focus on the basic footwork pattern first to get you going.  Next, based on what I found works for students, I'll cover body and hand movements in separate lessons.  Finally, we'll work on combos, transitions, and have full song practices, since individual dance moves alone get repetitive and don't really form a dance. 

Just like How To Dance To EDM Level 1, I  put together a customized program that covers House/EDM Dance moves and mixes in some Club Dance moves and styling that's targetted for EDM club music.  I cover two different styles for most of the dance moves in the program. 1) The Club Dance style, which usually involves smaller steps and works well for clubs, parties, and socials.  2) The classic House Dance style, which is more dynamic. Combined, they create a set of dance moves that works for all EDM.

How To Dance To EDM | EDM Dance Moves


EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, covers several genres of music - House (Tech, Progressive, Deep, etc), Trance, Top 40 Dance, Euro, Electro, Drum 'n Bass, Dubstep, Rave, and more.  I've kept that all in mind as I created the program, licensed the songs, and designed the practices.  As I've mentioned before, House Dance is a very adaptable dance for EDM since it IS an electronic dance style that's been around for a while, many of the other EDM styles of music use house music as their foundation base.

For certain EDM Styles like Top 40 Dance, Progressive House, Euro, and Electro - generally, styles you'll hear more of in regular clubs - we'll use the Club Dance Style and keep our moves tight and polished.  For bigger venues that feature Progressive Dubstep, Rave, Trance, Tribal House, and Deep House, we'll go with the classic House Dance Style with club style added.  

Remember, many EDM tracks often mix in several EDM styles, so it's important to remain flexible with your dance, as well as learn to FREESTYLE to the music.  For example, with a top 40 EDM hit, you can go Club Dance Style or House Dance Style to the music,  depending on how you feel, the space available in the clubs, and the song playing.

"EDM Dance Moves Designed To Make You A Freestyle Dancer!"




In Level 2, the footwork is more intense, but I've got you covered.  Besides breaking down the moves in an understandable fashion, I also have slow practices, medium practices, and when you're ready, club speed practices.  Because the footwork is trickier, I'll be using multiple angles for my explanations.  Some moves are shown from the side, while some practices I'll show front facing and facing away so you can copy me.  I've found that for more difficult moves and combos, students find this easier to follow. I'll also use a split screen with closeups in the practice this time around so you can follow my footwork better. 

In all the practices, however, we'll follow my recommended training method. First, you'll work on the steps and footwork pattern. When you have that down, you'll work on your body movement and style, and next, you'll free up your hands when we cover hand moves and patterns. Finally, when you're ready, we'll transition and combine different dance moves together in special lessons and practices so you can work on becoming a freestyle dancer.



How To Dance To  EDM Level 2 is even more jam-packed than Level 1 -  it's OVER 5 HOURS LONG, Available on digital download. With that said, the program includes a BONUS downloadable video, with extra practice and dance variations! As always, The online bonus section and mobile access is included, where there are plenty of other Dance lessons, practices, music, and tips, so make sure you log on to get all of that.

Finally, I've licensed plenty of new professionally produced electronic tracks for us to practice to - music that you'll actually hear in the clubs. They're really amazing commercial tracks to dance to, so you'll get to try out dancing to all kinds of electronic music.


How To Dance To EDM Level 2 features:


The next level of fundamental House Dance moves with enhanced footwork


Club Dance and House Dance styled moves and breakdowns


Practices and styling to different styles of EDM tracks


Multiple speed practices and dance move combinations


Split screen, footwork close-up angles, and back angle practices to help you with the trickier footwork


Over 50 licensed club tracks, with several commercial club tracks


Bonus downloadable with extra practices and dance variations


Access to online VIP section with more content available


Below is a sample of some of the more advanced dance moves you can do once you learn the fundamentals in our Level 2 program - get it today!