Club Dance For Women Level 2 Program For Beginners (Digital Download)

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"Swing Your Hips, Throw Your Hands Up, And Dance With Style In The Next Level Of Sexy Dance Moves!"

Feel like you got the basics down? Club Dance For Women Level 2 steps up the fun foundation moves covered in  Level 1. In this next level, new sexy moves have been added that will allow you to move your body in ways you never thought was possible! More focus is put on the movements that will make your dancing go from GOOD TO GREAT, as well as adding your own personal style to the dance. Of course, we always keep it FUN, because after all, isn't that what's most important?

As always, Angela teaches in a way that's easy to follow and understand. Although Level 2 is not for the ultra-beginner, the moves are still easy to learn - as long as you do the included practices! For the intermediate moves, since there is more focus on body isolations, each dance move is broken down to help you LEARN QUICKLY. Each body movement is separated - whether it be hands, hips, shoulders, or steps - before combining them together to make a fun dance move.

Club Dance For Level 2 Women Program

Remember, Angela has a ton of experience teaching women of all abilities to dance, so if you're not comfortable with your body, feel out of rhythm, or feel awkward with some dance moves, she's seen it. This is why there are slow practices for you to work on before moving on to faster club beats.  Of course, all our dance moves have been CLUB TESTED, and we guarantee that they'll look great in the clubs!

Also in this level, we begin by extending your range of movement first starting with your shoulders, and then your hips through some simple practices. We then combine and step up the style by mixing in sexy arm movements and poses to different steps while changing up the music. Musicality is introduced, and we learn how to move according to the music, whether it be a slow, sexy grind to an urban song or throwing poses to energetic dance tracks.



Most importantly, IT'S ALL ABOUT FUN with a touch of personal style! Lots of fun dance moves are covered, but in the end, you get to choose the ones that you like most, that match the songs you like most, and want to groove to on the dance floor. To keep it fun, we also mix in some cheesy dance moves since it's a good idea to never take ourselves too seriously while dancing.

Ready for the next level? Have a look at our preview videos and GET DANCING TODAY!

  This Level 2 Program Features:

Basic exercises to warm up your body and practice new body isolations.

Easy to understand lessons that are broken down in a concise fashion

Practice sessions that start slow, followed by club speed practices once you're ready

  Sexier slow movements as well energetic dance moves for all kinds of music
Musicality lessons to help style your dance to the song

Demonstrations with a partner to show how some moves look with a guy!

A Latin section that touches on some fundamental moves
Access to the website where more bonus material is available.

About Angela

Pickupdance instructor Angela is a professional dancer, choreographer, fitness teacher, and dance instructor. She has over 15 years of experience teaching dance, from beginner children's jazz funk classes to complex hip hop routines for competitions. Her work includes being on several high profile dance videos that have over 10 million combined Youtube views, as well as a dancer for Katy Perry. Check out her dance reel below.