Club Dance For Men Level 2 Program For Beginners: Confidence (Digital Download)

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"EASY To Learn Dance Moves That Will Sculpt You Into A CONFIDENT Dancer!"

Continuing on Club Dance For Men Level 1, Club Dance For Men Level 2 steps it up a notch to develop your club dancing and to sculpt you into a confident dancer when you go out.    The program uses the same solid formula of breaking down easy-to-learn dance moves, practicing them, and making them look great. 

Club Dance For Men Level 1 gets you comfortable to take your first steps on the dance floor.  Level 2 doubles your arsenal of dance moves to get you dancing and having a great time in the clubs.  You can now choose to blend in with the dancing crowd or making your presence known on the dance floor.

I mean it.  I named Level 2 "Confidence" because I truly believe that dancing well will build your confidence immensely.    I am a HUGE fan of personal development and even run my own website on this topic.  I've seen the smiles and changes men make by learning how to dance.  I myself am a living example.  Let's face it.  You probably have many years ahead of you, and TONS OF OPPORTUNITIES for you to dance.  Dancing is the spice of life, and it's never too late to start.  



Still designed with beginners in mind, Level 2 puts more focus on style and combining body movements, so BE PREPARED to create more movement and to use your shoulders, hips, and hands more.  Again, all the dance moves are club-tested.  I've spent an immeasurable time in the clubs and teaching guys how to dance so everything I teach is FOR REAL. 

The moves work on all kinds of club music: hip hop, house, trance, techno, dance, rock, etc.  Some moves are explained to work better with certain kinds of music than others.

 Club Dance For Men Level 2 Program

"Learn To Dance Confidently, Make Your Presence Known, And Party Like You've Never Partied Before In The Clubs!"

Club Dance For Men Level 2 features:


New club-tested dance moves for all kinds of club music

  Stylish movement to create action on the dance floor

Focused lessons on musicality and style

  Important practice sessions you can repeat

Several different music styles played in clubs (over 40 different tracks used!)

  Simple breakdown and detailed explanation of the dance moves
  Over 6 hours of learning material

Bonus moves to step up your dancing once you have the basics down

Also included is access to the site where bonus material is available.