Beginner Chair Dance, Burlesque, Alter Ego, Plus Workout For Women (Volume 2)

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"All Your Favorite And Most Fun Dance Styles In One Amazing, Sexy, And Easy-To-Learn Program For Beginner Women!"



LADIES! Does this sound fun to you?

    Learning these new and exciting dance styles: (volume 1)  Bollywood, Belly Dance, Contemporary Hip-Hop, (volume 2) Chair Dance, Burlesque, Alter Ego?
  Learning amazing dance routines, moves, and steps geared for beginner women?
  Dancing with attitude while still keeping it sexy?
  Doing an additional cardio workout to each of these dance styles?
  Building cardio, core strength, and slimming down while having fun?

Having a great time learning fun, exciting, and new dances?

"Designed For Beginners, Groove To Chair Dance, Do A Burlesque Tease, And Dance Like A Pop Star!"

Based on the most popular new dances of today, we've put together an exciting dance program that combines fun, fitness, and dancing. Best of all, the program is designed for absolute beginners, so you can take your time learning from the comfort of your own home. The variety of the Beginner Dance For Women program dances will take you everywhere from the zany fun of Bollywood dancing to the sexy, seductive chair dancing routines.

And of course, the program is designed specifically for women with several introductory street dance elements. Often, when we hear "street dance", we think of b-boys spinning windmills and doing gravity-defying handstands - but there's much more to that with street dance. It should be interpretive, include all styles of dance, and most of all, FUN. And, since the program is ladies first, we go where the boys don't dare - shimmying, flirting, teasing, moving our hips, rolling our bodies, and showing off all our sexiness.

Chair Dance, Burlesque, Alter Ego Dance For Women

Beginner Dance For Women Vol. 2

Beginner Dance For Women Vol. 2 continues on the fun and ease of Volume 1. It's still designed for beginners, except now we move onto three new and different dance styles. We start off with a bang and introduce a prop - chair dancing. Make sure you choose a strong, sturdy chair because that chair is going to see plenty of action! You'll learn a dance that's incredibly sensual while surprising yourself with how great a workout chair dancing is.

Next, we move onto Angela's custom creation: alter ego. Here, you'll learn how to dance like you're the star of your own music video. Alter ego is an awesome mix of hip-hop, jazz funk, and rock colliding together in a unique dance you're guaranteed to feel like a star dancing to. Finally, Beginner Dance For Women Vol. 2 finishes off with Burlesque - sassy, sexy, and classically playful, you'll have a great time learning how to use a dance to tease.


For each unique, exciting dance, Angela will teach you two full beginner dance routines. The dance routines will follow the structure of a dance class, except you have the option to go through the dance steps and practices, if you're stuck on any one move, or wish to perfect it.

The dance routines are built gradually, learning one or two sets of dance moves (called counts of 8 in dance terminology) at a time, and then doing a practice to the newly-learned moves. Afterward, another set of dance moves are built on the existing dance moves and practiced until the full routine is learned.

Don't worry if you don't the moves right away. Angela has plenty of experience teaching beginners, and we've created the dance program with that in mind. The moves have been carefully designed for easy "body memorization". We've chosen moves for beginner dancers, BUT if you think you've got it down, we've put in plenty of extras to keep you busy and coming back to the program.


"Includes Fun Workout Programs In Each Style To Get Your Heart Pumping And Coming Back For More."

Once you think you've got the two routines for a dance style down, Angela will lead you into an intermediate combination dance routine that will really test your knowledge of the dance. Feel free to use this combination routine to perfect a complete dance routine or as a workout.

But, speaking of workout, we've come up with additional 15-minute workouts based on each dance style you've learned, so you come back for more. That's right, in addition to the dance routines you've learned, you'll do a Bollywood workout, a belly dance workout, and a contemporary hip-hop workout in volume 1, followed by a chair dancing workout, an alter ego workout and a burlesque workout in volume 2. They're guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your core working, and your legs moving to the rhythm.




Beginner Dance For Women Volume 2 Features:

  6 dance routines and 3 workouts
  An intermediate combination routine for each dance when you're ready
  Step-by-step explanation in a program designed for beginners
  Experienced lessons from a high-profile dance instructor
  Multiple practices as you build the dance routine
  A full 15-minute stretch warmup
  Music from commercial music producers who have worked with artists such as Timbaland and Kanye West
  Runtime: Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes 


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About Angela

Angela is a professional dancer, choreographer, fitness teacher, and dance instructor. She has over 15 years of experience teaching dance, from beginner children's jazz funk classes to complex hip-hop routines for competitions. Her work includes being on several high profile dance videos that have over 10 million combined Youtube views, as well as a dancer for Katy Perry. Check out her dance reel below!

Most importantly, her familiarity and comfort with teaching beginners clearly show through, and she explains each every dance step and hand movement in detail. Just try a preview lesson and see for yourself!