Club Dance Partnering Level 1 Program: How To Dance With A Girl (Digital Download)

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"Revolutionary NEW Dance System That Gets Guys And Girls Dancing Together Like Never Before In Clubs And Socials! Perfect For Single Men Or Couples"




Wanted to learn how to dance with a girl in a club with some easy but fun NEW dance moves?


Wanted to really build attraction and TURN UP THE HEAT with a girl on the dance floor?


(Ladies) Wondered if there was more to club dancing with a guy than grinding?

   Got tired of dancing the same old moves in a dance circle with your friends all night?
  Got tired of the same boring club experience and wanted a NIGHT TO REMEMBER?
  Wanted to learn some moves with a guy or girl, but thought salsa/latin, swing, or ballroom was either too formal, too difficult, and didn't fit with club music?

Liked the partnering moves on Dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance and wondered if it could happen in a club? (the answer is a RESOUNDING YES!)

   Like the club atmosphere and music, but find the dancing repetitive?
   Wanted to be more active on the dance floor at a party, wedding, or social?


GOOD NEWS - HERE IS THE SOLUTION!  I've spent several years going to clubs and learning many dance styles to create a partnering dance I call the Club Dance Style.  It's a dance system to get you going from ground up and onto the dance floor quickly and easily.

Like all my other dance videos, the moves in Club Dance Partnering are not moves that I made up and thought would look good in the clubs.  I've spent countless hours in the night clubs as well as hundreds more teaching men, women, and couples how to dance for night clubs and socials and it shows

These are dance moves that I've tested out hundreds of times in clubs, socials, and festivals all over the world, and I GUARANTEE they will work.

 "No Formal Steps. Just Awesome Easy-To-Do Dance Moves!"

Club Dance Partnering is the result of a lot of hard work, and this is where it all starts to come together.  This is where guys and girls get together and have the time of their lives on the dance floor.  I'm not kidding.  I've seen the stares and smiles.  Women have actually told me dancing with me was the "BEST dance they've ever had"

From simple turns to sexy grinds, men and women now know how to really RAISE THE TEMPERATURE on the dance floor. I really believe in the quality of my work and it speaks for itself.  

Club Dance Partnering has been designed to be EASY as well as to REVOLUTIONIZE dancing in night clubs!

"Stop Standing Around Clueless And Start Owning The Dance Floor!"

This straight-to-the-point beginner series features:

  • Simple turns and patterns to get you started and moving
  • Sexy grinds and styling GUARANTEED to raise the heat in the club
  • Important demo sessions to show you how it looks and to practice with
  • Several different music styles played in clubs including Urban Pop/R&B, Hip Hop, Bhangra, and Reggaeton
  • Easy rhythms to warm you up to a move and advanced club tunes that put it all together
  • Specific instructions on smooth styling for men and sexy styling for women
  • Optional intermediate styling for those who want to raise the bar
  • Focused dance styling for club music
  • Dance styling for lighter music you can take to socials, parties, weddings, and more, including Reggae and Country

Basic rhythm is a pre-requisite which can be learned through the individual series.