Club Dance For Women Level 1 Program For Beginners

"Learn How To Groove, Move, And Shine On The Dance Floor Today!"

Hitting the dance floor and grooving to all your favorite songs is now within your reach! The warm-ups, practices, and dance moves combined on this video will help you better understand your body and learn how to use rhythm so that you will feel more comfortable when you’re in the clubs!




Club Dance For Women Level 1 has been carefully designed for the absolute beginner, so if you're terrified of dancing, think you have no rhythm, don't know anything about club music, uncomfortable with your body, then THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.  Angela has spent years instructing women just like you on how to get rhythm, build confidence, and let loose!

Club Dance For Women Level 1 Buy Download Club Dance For Women Levels 1 And 2

First, we start off with some rhythm exercises to different styles of music to get your warmed up.   Next, we step it up with some easy moves accompanied with slow practices.  As you get better, you'll move on to the faster practices, and when you're ready, go on to the next dance sexy dance move!  If you're not, no need to worry!  Just do the practices again - that's what they're designed for!

At the end, we review all the moves learned, combine them, and see how they work to different styles of club music, as well as with a partner! (side note: for more partnering lessons, it's best to see the series)

Why waste any time? Get started today and finally have some REAL FUN IN THE NIGHT CLUBS.


This Beginner's Program Features:

Basic rhythm exercises to get you started

Easy-to-learn moves followed which help you understand and grow more comfortable with your body

Practice sessions that start with slow beats, followed by club speed practices once you're ready

Tips and styling on how to dance to different styles of music played in a club

Demonstrations that will show you how to incorporate those moves with a partner on the dance floor!


Includes a huge bonus Latin section for those of you who want to check out a  Latin song, or just have fun dancing Latin style in your living room!

Also included is access to the site where bonus beginner material is available.



Club Dance For Women Level 1 Buy Download Club Dance For Women Levels 1 And 2