Club Dance Partnering Level 2: Flirtation Program

Club Dance Partnering Level 2 Program

"The Ultimate Club Dance System Designed To Pump Up The Attraction With Revolutionary Club-Tested Dance Moves!"




Get Close. Don't know what to do when dancing with a girl? Learn custom club dance moves designed to close the gap and move together.

 Turn Up The Heat.  Learn how to go from fun bumping and teasing to sexier dance moves such as The Crouching Tiger, grinding variations, and more.

Go Beyond.  Wondering if there's more to club dancing than just grinding? Go Beyond and find out that there's much, much more!

Stand Out.  Don't blend in with all the average frustrated club guys standing on the sides not knowing what to do or the dirty club guys.  Get out of the same old club routine and capture the attention of the ladies!

Style It Out.  With over 50 licensed club tracks, and demos to all club music genres, these sexy dance moves combined with your solo moves work for all clubs.  

Get Confident.  Dancing well leads to overall confidence improvement.  Start with some easy moves to get you comfortable. Graduate to heading to the center of the dance floor and creating the party!

Take It Further.  Learn how to use the club environment, your own style, and elements of attraction to make a unique dance or to take things further.

Take The Lead.  Nothing exudes alpha male more than taking the lead.  Learn how dancing makes you incredibly attractive to women.

Be Desired.  Guess what? The dance partners in the videos are real girls I've met in the clubs.  Enough said!

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  It's been a long time in the making - four years in fact - but, I'VE DONE IT.  After pushing the envelope in the clubs, experimenting, and teaching my Club Dance Style, I've come up with a set of moves and concepts that DEFINE CLUB DANCE.  

  This is the REAL DEAL.  I've danced with a TON of girls in all kinds of clubs around the world, and the moves I've selected are the ones I've discovered to the be the MOST EFFECTIVE while simultaneously easy to pull off in order to create a fun, flirty experience for women on the dance floor.  To top it off, I've taught it to my students and see them take off with the moves.

Club Dance Partnering Level 2 Discs


  Now, about the women.  You'll probably notice that there are several beautiful ladies helping me out with this program, and most of you are wondering about my relationship with these women.  The short answer is YES, but it's not my style to kiss and tell, so I'll leave the details out.wink

  However, I will say that I've met ALL my dance partners in the clubs, and this is important to me because :

  1. It shows that my program works and that what I teach is GENUINE, which is really important to me.
  2. The chemistry between my dance partners and I IS REAL.  This is crucial for the dance demos.
  3. My dance partners have varying skill levels, as in the real world, so it shows how important the lead is, how to adapt, and how to lead with confidence.



  I'm going to repeat myself here, but I'm not kidding when I say that women have told me it's the craziest and best dance they've ever had in their lives.  My dance partners have told me that my dancing makes me impossible to resist and that no one else does what I do.  Well, guess what?  Now you can!

  Most of my core moves are incredibly easy to do!  I firmly believe that anyone can pull off the Level 2 Partnering moves.  All you need is confidence.  Unlike the individual moves covered in Club Dance For Men series, rhythm isn't as important for partnering moves, but confidence is key.  Fortunately, there is a progression of moves to help you BUILD CONFIDENCE!

  Now, the moves aren't as difficult as the dance moves covered in Club Dance Partnering Level 1.  However, as I said, it will require a little more confidence because the moves are closer and more seductive in general.  After all, this is Level 2 Partnering, so we want to take things futher with the women we dance with.

  Building on the Club Dance Partnering Level 1 fundamentals, you'll learn how to mix and match dance moves.  First, you'll start things off on the dance floor with a bit of flirting and teasing.  You'll keep things fun and light depending on the music and to get girls INTERESTED.

  From there, we enter the core of the Club Dance Partnering Level 2 program where you'll take things further.  You'll move from being the fun guy to the attractive guy.  You'll do some flirty dance moves that get closer and closer until the dancing becomes more seductive in nature.



  You'll learn how to close the distance into a woman's personal space with some incredibly sexy dance moves.  In addition, I cover club dance targeted concepts such as musicality so you're not stuck out in the open dancing or just grinding in one position.  Variety is key to attraction.  What you wish to do to take it from there is entirely up to you at that point :)

  To further add to that, I cover club dance only moves and concepts including more cheesy dance moves and club environment props/obstacles to help you cover the bases for all club dance situations.

  You'll see how club dance partnering moves work together with the individual club dance moves in the Club Dance For Men or Club Dance For Women series.



  A question people ask me a LOT is: "Why did you choose the name PICKUPDANCE?  Is it related to picking up women?"

  Since this is something that's related to this program, I'll address it here.  The short answer is YES.  I chose the name purposely to have a double meaning, so that my programs are targeted for beginners ("pick up") as well as attraction and seduction of women ("pickup").  

  Obviously, going to clubs is heavily about attracting the opposite sex as well as having a good time.

  I got into pickup several years ago when the Toronto community was at its prime (now it's broken into several small groups).  I went out a lot, learned a ton of pickup concepts, and more importantly, applied them.  My eyes opened up as I did things I didn't know where possible before and my social life improved dramatically.

  Eventually, I even started a Toronto based dating coach service with a good friend/wingman of mine.  (The site is still up - click here if you're curious).  And of course, over the course of going out, I found my niche - dancing.  I combined dancing and pickup concepts to sculpt my programs as they stand today.



  Pickup, dancing, and personal development go hand in hand.  Don't believe me?  Read my personal development blog.  It's something I'm passionate about.  I invest in myself, and I hope you consider this program an investment in yourself.

  After all, you'll probably live for a long time, so you might as well be a good dancer while you're at it!  And, the price of my program is a STEAL, considering it costs less than a 1 hour private lesson with me!


  Don't be fooled by copycats.  Seriously.  PICKUPDANCE is the leader in Club Dance, all the moves are club-tested, with real pickup concepts, and everything taught is part of the ultimate Club Dance System.  I've taught club dance for years, and have refined my system and products based on the feedback of hundreds of students. 

  My Club Dance Partnering system is the result of putting together years of hard work and experience, and it shows.  It's not hastily put together.  Like I said, it's the REAL DEAL.  Best of all, I'm constantly about improvement, and I've made major additions to my programs over the years based on feedback from students like you!  

Club Dance Partnering Level 2 has been designed to be EASY TO LEARN while REVOLUTIONIZING dancing and attraction in night clubs!

"The Music Is Real.  The Girls Are Real.  The Dance Is Real.  Get Ready To Change Your Club Dance Experience Today!"

This Revolutionary series features:

  • The Club Dance Style: A dance style focused for building attraction for fast club music. 
  • Fun, flirty club dance moves to get things started
  • Close, seductive dance moves to make an exclamation on the dance floor
  • Grinding concepts and variations to grind with style and sexiness, NOT dirtiness
  • Important demo  sessions to show you how it looks to different music
  • Over 50 licensed club tracks, including commercial tracks of all genres
  • Strong focus on electronic club music (house, techno, electro), based on YOUR feedback!
  • Special sections covering club dance only concepts such as props and obstacles
  • Several sexy real-world dance partners for variety
  • Mobile Support (NEW!) Mobile on-the-go reference and crucial help for when you're at the clubs

ATTENTION SINGLE LADIES: It's highly recommended you find a dance partner or friend (doesn't have to be a guy!) to learn these moves with.

Basic rhythm is a pre-requisite which can be learned through the individual series.

Also included is access to the site for additional content to help you along the way.

Club Dance Partnering Level 2 Buy Download Club Dance For Men Level 2 Buy DVD

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