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camila cabello, cha cha dance, cha cha for beginners, havana cha cha, havana dance practice, havana dance tutorial, how to cha cha, how to dance to havana -

  Today's lesson builds on the previous Havana dance lesson for beginners, and I show you some fun (and eye-catching) variations on the cha-cha sidestep. This includes the open break (1:26), cha-cha side step with movement (5:41), and the cha-cha slide (12:15). We'll go through each of the moves individually and slowly. And I'll then show them all facing away from the camera (18:00). Once you're ready, we can move onto the dance practices in another video (coming soon)!  

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fortnite dance tutorial, how to do orange justice, how to fortnite dance, orange justice, orange justice dance tutorial -

Dance practice at 8:29 Orange Justice is actually an awesome, funky dance move that works in real life! In this first slowed-down lesson for beginners, we loosen up our hips, and do an Orange Justice dance tutorial before I show you some hand movements, fun bonus variations, and other boogie down moves to complete a full dance. We finish with a mirrored dance practice to a song. I'll revisit Orange Justice in another lesson where we'll learn the advanced concepts of the dance.  

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differentiate hip hop, differentiate music, hip hop genres, hip hop styles, r&b genres, r&b styles, urban music, urban music genres, urban music styles -

In this second part in a series presenting the different nightclub music styles to beginners, this article presents urban music played in nightclubs - Hip Hop, Contemporary  R&B, Reggaeton, and Funk. Again, depending on your location, urban music could be the most popular style in the clubs. Its roots stem from black culture and is fantastic to dance to because of the freedom in style and interpretation. Regardless of the music categories, dancing to Urban Music can generally be placed under hip hop dance, which includes breaking, popping, locking, and freestyle, amongst  other styles.  I use elements from all these styles in my nightclub dance syllabus. Whatever style of...

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camila cabello, cha cha for beginners, havana dance camila cabello, havana dance tutorial, how to dance cha cha, how to dance to havana -

In these lessons, we're going to dance to the song Havana using the basic cha-cha sidestep. The cha-cha step is what I consider a high impact dance step. It's not too difficult, but if you do it in sync with a woman, it looks amazing and will definitely attract a lot of attention. Once you get this basic step down, you can build off of it with other dance moves. Because Havana has a modern urban feel to it, it's open to a lot of interpretation, including adding hip hop, isolations, and other dance styles. I freestyle a little in...

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In the epic video, I dancing around Myanmar, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia! Everything was filmed mid-summer, so it was insanely hot and really hard at times. Looking back, I don't know how I pulled it off. The dance styles I used here are mainly hip hop, K-pop, popping/isolations, and locking. Specifically, the locations are Mandalay (Myanmar), Yangon (Myanmar), Bangkok (Thailand), Angkor Wat, Siem Reap (Cambodia) and all over Hong Kong. I left out Bagan, Myanmar as I had enough clips from there for its own video. Of course, you can learn many of these dance moves - taught by...

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