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In this third part of 3 dance TRIBUTE lessons to Avicii, we're going to combine all the EDM dance moves we learned in parts 1 and 2 and do a full dance practice. To accommodate all levels of students, we're going to start with a slow dance practice from behind and then do the fast mirrored dance practice (starts at 3:50). The dance is fairly fast, but to get to that level, it's important to get the basics down, which are covered in my EDM dance programs.  The dance practice was designed for Avicii's Levels, though due to licensing issues,...

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avicii dance tribute, avicii tribute, edm dance lessons, edm dance moves, edm dance tutorial, house dance moves, how to dance to avicii, how to dance to edm, how to dance to levels, how to house dance -

In this second of three dance tutorials dedicated in memoriam to Avicii, we're going to build on the Avicii Spin I taught in the first lesson and I'm going to give you a useful combo to fill in the build-up sections of the song. Like many EDM tracks, Avicii's song Levels has a dynamic chorus accompanied by several quieter build-up sections.  For beginners, I recommend doing shoulder rolls. However, once you got that down and you want more, then there's several moves you can mix in. For the purpose of this lesson and practice, we'll be doing a crossover step that...

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Dear Friends, Today, I'm taking my House and Club Dance around the world as I film some dancing in some sweet spots in Chefchaouen, Morocco.  If you're a student of my dance lessons, you'll definitely have seen these moves in the House + EDM programs. Chefchaouen at night is beautiful, but quite noisy late until night.  I'm staying at someone's flat right in the thick of the blue city, and I decide to film some house dancing with a touch of other styles late at night.  Because it's still so busy, I have no choice but to wander, find more...

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Here are some of my recent episodes from my travel, dance, + inspiration vlog.  Feel free to follow/subscribe via Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or email list on the Courage Republic website!  First, doing street magic and dealing with suicidal road crossings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Next, the colourful Timkat Festival: And finally, my day 1 arrival and thoughts in Addis Ababa:

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Dear Friends and Students, As some of you who follow me may know, I have a separate personal blog where I write about travel and personal development.  I also made some popular inspirational videos such as The Sunscreen Song Tribute and Dance Like No One Is Watching.  This is something I've always been passionate about.  Long story short, I never stopped filming my exploits, but I was just making short clips to make more inspirational videos like I did before.  I wanted more - to share my adventures in long form continuously and to try something new.  Last year, I...

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