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For this lesson, I set up my filming in and around the beautiful Angkor temples in Cambodia.  For those of you who have been following me, I spent some time last year travelling through parts of Asia, exploring the dance scene, and working on dance projects of an inspirational nature.  Cambodia doesn't really have a strong club scene, but nevertheless, I took my dance there and recorded a few lessons for you.  You'll have to excuse the lower energy in my voice during the practice as I was filming in a sweltering and humid 40 degree Celsius environment.  The instructional...

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As some of you may know, I've been bouncing around clubs during my travels for a while now. I travel as light as possible, but still have to pack a pair of clean, white dance shoes and a collared shirt wherever I go. I've experienced a lot, had to adjust my dance (and game) to different cultures and music, but have had a blast putting myself out there. Most interestingly, I've spent an above average amount of time in Japan, since I've learned the languag e and am expanding Pickupdance in Japanese. For a country so westernized, the club scene...

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The past year has been a crazy journey. Hectic at times, but I’ve enjoyed it all the way. Again, I’m extremely grateful to be out there dancing, working hard, and making videos, whether it be instructional or inspirational, for you to watch. Thank you so much for your support! If there is no sound, please watch the video from the below player: Dance Like No One Is Watching! from Ki'une on Vimeo.

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Hey Everyone! I have to be honest.  I've been sidetracked from releasing my second DVD set because of another project, which I'm sharing with you now.  It's been an adventurous year for me, scary at times, but in the end, everything seems to work out OK.  I also have you, my students, to thank, for the support and kind words I've received in my contributions to you.  It's also been 10 years since "The Sunscreen Song" was released and I wanted to squeeze a 10 year tribute in before the end of this year. I made this video compiled from...

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I've recorded and released a lesson and dance practice to give you guys something to work with while I work furiously around the clock putting together my jam-packed Level 2 program!  In this lesson, I cover basic musicality to the song "Dangerous" by Kardinal Offishall featuring Akon.  I've covered transitioning moves in my Level 1 Dance Program for men, but here it is put to use dancing to a real club song. If you have a Youtube account, please show your support by rating my videos generously!   Click here to visit my Youtube channel. Again, thanks for all your...

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