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harlem shake, how to do the harlem shake -

There's this crazy internet video meme going around these days - The Harlem Shake - based around a dubstep-type song created by a DJ names Baauer.  It's not something I usually cover in my dance lessons, but because the song has spawned a large number of viral videos and has made its way into pop culture, it's also been receiving some airplay in the clubs.  As such, I was asked by a few students to provide some moves. Note: This Harlem Shake is not to be confused with a real 80's dance move named The Harlem Shake. Building on my...

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fun wedding dance, gangnam style, wedding dance, wedding dance breakout, wedding dance hip hop, wedding dance routine -

This video features a couple doing a wedding dance routine based on my Slow Dance and Wedding Dance For Beginners Program combined with a surprise Gangnam Style breakout routine.  It was particularly good considering we only put the routine together two days before the wedding! The dance pretty much follows my Wedding Dance For Beginners program as outlined.  It starts off with a slow dance with a simple basic step and some easy turn patterns.  Using the included song mixing software and instructions, the song cuts off, Gangnam Style is mixed in, and it's all finished with an explosion.   As...

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Korean artist PSY has created a massively viral video and dance for his song "Gangnam Style".  You guys all know I LOVE cheesy dance moves.  In this lesson, I break down the basic movements slowly for the Gangnam Style horse dance.   We start with the basic legwork, mix in the arm styles, and work the switchup pattern.  I then teach the horse shuffle, and we mix it all together with transitions.     In upcoming lessons, I'll put up a slow and club-speed practice to the song, and I'll also cover the other cheesy dance moves in the video...

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angkor wat, angkor wat cambodia, angkor wat dance, club dance for men, dance travel, dance travel vlog, edm dance moves, how to dance to edm, how to house dance -

For this lesson, I set up my filming in and around the beautiful Angkor temples in Cambodia.  For those of you who have been following me, I spent some time last year travelling through parts of Asia, exploring the dance scene, and working on dance projects of an inspirational nature.  Cambodia doesn't really have a strong club scene, but nevertheless, I took my dance there and recorded a few lessons for you.  You'll have to excuse the lower energy in my voice during the practice as I was filming in a sweltering and humid 40 degree Celsius environment.  The instructional...

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As some of you may know, I've been bouncing around clubs during my travels for a while now. I travel as light as possible, but still have to pack a pair of clean, white dance shoes and a collared shirt wherever I go. I've experienced a lot, had to adjust my dance (and game) to different cultures and music, but have had a blast putting myself out there. Most interestingly, I've spent an above average amount of time in Japan, since I've learned the languag e and am expanding Pickupdance in Japanese. For a country so westernized, the club scene...

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