Times Square House Dance!

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Times Square House Dance!

Hey Club Dancers!

Here's a dance routine my friend Nao and I put together in Times Square.  It was a pretty crazy night as people dropped money watching us warmup, police officers kept our routine short, and to top it offf, I caught the start of the reality show The Amazing Race being filmed.  The New York City house dance scene is one of the best, so if you ever go there, I recommend you check it out.  My friend Nao is actually a renowned house dancer in Japan, and much of my house dancing has come from dancing with him.  

As you can see in the video, we're dancing classic house dance.  It's a lot more dynamic than the club dance moves I typically teach, but for those of you who like going to big parties like raves, house clubs, or parties, classic house dance might suit you.  Regardless, you can see in the video the foundation dance and principles that I use in my House Dance For Clubs and Electronic Dance Music Program.  I cover tighter dance moves that can be used for busy electronic dance clubs, as well as more dynamic classic house dance moves that would work for something bigger!



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