The Top 3 Wedding Dance Mistakes Beginners Make

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The Top 3 Wedding Dance Mistakes Beginners Make

Jumping back to my Wedding Dance instructional video, here's an extra video I made covering the three most common mistakes I see with wedding and slow dances.  Specifically, I emphasize the biggest mistakes made for the basic 2-step, turns, and dips.  For the basic step, many beginners go into a double embrace I call the "high school hug".  It looks awkward and isn't really a dance.  

I know many couples like the closeness felt in a deep embrace, but if you're doing a wedding dance in front of many people, a proper closed hold works much better.  For a slow dance, a proper closed hold is a must if you want to break out and do more than hugging on the dance floor.

Next, I take a look at the most common beginner turn mistake - outside turns. Now, an outside turn is not a bad thing for dancers with some experience, but for beginners, it doesn't tend to go well.  Men often force the turn in a wide arc that looks pretty painful, while women can't follow the outside turn as well, and either turn too quickly or delay the turn.  Instead, I recommend beginners go with a gentle inside turn.  

Finally, I take a look at dips, and the most common mistake I see are men forcing a dip by pushing the women down from whatever dance position they're in.  The biggest problems with the forced dips are: 1) No neck support for the follower 2) There's no dip signal 3) It's hard on the lead's back.  To top it off, it doesn't look as elegant.  

Those are the most common beginner dance mistakes I see for wedding and slow dances.  I cover proper closed holds, turns, and dips fully in my Wedding and Slow Dance programs.  If you can't see the video below, click here to see it on Youtube