The Toe Drag Lesson And Practice (EDM Dance Move)

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The Toe Drag Lesson And Practice (EDM Dance Move)

In this EDM Level 2 lesson, we'll do a trickier but rewarding dance move I call the Toe Drag.  It has several variations, but we're going to start with the front and rear toe drag to each side.  Remember, it's a freestyle move, so after you master it, you'll only throw it into a part of your dance for short moments as you switch through many different EDM and House Dance moves in the clubs!

Next, we'll continue on the Toe Drag lesson and do a slow practice to get you up to speed.  I also do this practice facing away from the camera, to make sure you have the move dialed from all angles.  

It's a pretty tricky move, and we'll do two variations going to each side, so take your time with it.  As you get comfortable with the move, you can move on to doing it faster, switching between the variations, doing more variations, as well as mixing it up with other club/house dance moves.

The Toe Drag has many more variations and combinations, all of which are covered House Dance For Clubs And EDM Level 2.