Ten Feet Tall (Afrojack) EDM Dance Lesson And Practice

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Ten Feet Tall (Afrojack) EDM Dance Lesson And Practice

EDM Dancers!

Many of you have messaged me wanting lessons with a higher difficulty, so here you go!  I'm also switching to a slightly new format.  Rather than release a whole program at once, I'm releasing individual lessons now.  This way, the release schedule is more consistent.  

In this intermediate lesson, we'll be dancing to the classic EDM/Club anthem Ten Feet Tall by Afrojack, starting with a short lesson followed by the practice.  It switches between quiet mostly vocal sections and a high-energy chorus anthem, so we'll be adjusting our moves to match the song (musicality).  The main moves we'll be doing is 1) A combination of the Matrix and EDM Body Waves, and 2) The Trance Hop.  

The Trance Hop lesson is currently available separately.  It's a 45 minute lesson that starts with footwork, then hand and body movements.  It includes practices at several speeds as well as covers variations.  Click here to get it.

If you can't see the below Ten Feet Tall lesson and practice, click here to watch it directly on Youtube.