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I've been going to clubs for a while, and the one fashion mistake I see guys doing over and over again is wearing a t-shirt (or any collarless shirt) under another shirt. At first, I thought this was an epidemic that existed only in cities where there's winter.  I'm sure it's less of a problem in warmer climates, but even in the sweltering summers here in Toronto, I still see guys wear the two shirts!  I've thus come to believe that it's a mistake most men will naturally make, so I now write this as a warning to all. Can...

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If you look through the fashion trends of the past decades, you'll notice that much of the clothing we remember from those periods have all but disappeared today.  They were loud, and the trends left as soon as they came. Loud fashion will always be around, but is usually worn by teens and hypebeasts.  Retailers targeting this market know this well and frequently change up what they have to offer in their stores.  Go visit a mall and you'll know what I'm talking about.  Go to the back and take a look at their full sale racks.  The prices are...

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