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Today's lesson covers an introduction to popping in the clubs, the "fist smash" hand move, and a practice - all filmed in the busy Shibuya district in Tokyo!  The dance lesson and practice is geared towards deep house, but the moves definitely have a place in urban music which I'll demonstrate in other/future instructional videos.  Enjoy!

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As some of you may know, I've been bouncing around clubs during my travels for a while now. I travel as light as possible, but still have to pack a pair of clean, white dance shoes and a collared shirt wherever I go. I've experienced a lot, had to adjust my dance (and game) to different cultures and music, but have had a blast putting myself out there. Most interestingly, I've spent an above average amount of time in Japan, since I've learned the languag e and am expanding Pickupdance in Japanese. For a country so westernized, the club scene...

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