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This is a throwback dance video I filmed WAAAAY back in... well, let's just say it's before there was daytime electricity, hot air balloons, ATMs, e-bikes, internet, western chains, and AIR CONDITIONING in Myanmar! I wasn't a vlogger then and just made a bunch of dance clips not sure how they'd all go together, but now with the help of some sweet tunes, I'm able to come up with this montage video.  Enjoy! The dance moves are mostly a mix of contemporary, salsa, a bit of locking, and K-Pop even though the song is more slow tempo EDM, which would...

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In the epic video, I dancing around Myanmar, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia! Everything was filmed mid-summer, so it was insanely hot and really hard at times. Looking back, I don't know how I pulled it off. The dance styles I used here are mainly hip hop, K-pop, popping/isolations, and locking. Specifically, the locations are Mandalay (Myanmar), Yangon (Myanmar), Bangkok (Thailand), Angkor Wat, Siem Reap (Cambodia) and all over Hong Kong. I left out Bagan, Myanmar as I had enough clips from there for its own video. Of course, you can learn many of these dance moves - taught by...

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Dear Friends, Today, I'm taking my House and Club Dance around the world as I film some dancing in some sweet spots in Chefchaouen, Morocco.  If you're a student of my dance lessons, you'll definitely have seen these moves in the House + EDM programs. Chefchaouen at night is beautiful, but quite noisy late until night.  I'm staying at someone's flat right in the thick of the blue city, and I decide to film some house dancing with a touch of other styles late at night.  Because it's still so busy, I have no choice but to wander, find more...

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The past year has been a crazy journey. Hectic at times, but I’ve enjoyed it all the way. Again, I’m extremely grateful to be out there dancing, working hard, and making videos, whether it be instructional or inspirational, for you to watch. Thank you so much for your support! If there is no sound, please watch the video from the below player: Dance Like No One Is Watching! from Ki'une on Vimeo.

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Hey Everyone! I have to be honest.  I've been sidetracked from releasing my second DVD set because of another project, which I'm sharing with you now.  It's been an adventurous year for me, scary at times, but in the end, everything seems to work out OK.  I also have you, my students, to thank, for the support and kind words I've received in my contributions to you.  It's also been 10 years since "The Sunscreen Song" was released and I wanted to squeeze a 10 year tribute in before the end of this year. I made this video compiled from...

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