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Last night,  my buddy Dave and I went out to Club Name-Not-Mentioned and the scene was half-dead.  Half-dead because at 11:30pm, the club wasn't half full as it usually is and what's more, the dance floor was deserted.  No one wanted to step into the spotlight.  There was literally a wall of people (mostly guys) encircling the dance floor standing at the edge of where the light coverage ended.  The music was great.  The DJ was doing his job.  So I investigated.  Groups of guys obviously would not step in for typical machismo reasons - worried it looked gay, or more likely,...

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Smile. That's it.  Sound simple really, but it's something most guys miss, especially if you're learning new moves and trying them on the dance floor.  At other times, the music gets a little repetitive, and we lose momentum.  I know, I know - girls can dance the whole night with the same simple moves while we guys get bored.  The smile is the first thing to go, when in fact, it should be the last thing to go.  If you're running out of dance steam, do less energetic dance moves, but keep the smile.

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