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Continuing on the first Despacito dance lesson for beginners, this is a partial practice to a basic step to Reggaeton with a Latin step variation. Practicing is pretty important (use a mirror) as many people struggle with the basic reggaeton rhythm. Considering how Despacito is a club classic, and that there are several Reggaeton hits to come, it’s important to get it down. For the full dance practice and my Club dance programs, including highly relevant partnering lessons on how to dance with a girl, check out the Club Dance Partnering programs. Also, some of you follow my Courage Republic...

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Despacito is considered a club classic, but lots of guys struggle with the basic reggaeton rhythm. This is understandable because it’s a tricky syncopated rhythm that sounds “off-rhythm”. In this lesson, we work on a basic step to reggaeton before I mix in a Latin styled basic with hip isolations, and finally, I leave some other beginner tips. The practice will be covered in an upcoming lesson. Once you have this basic down, then it will elevate the dance moves covered in my Club Dance Partnering programs, which work perfectly well with reggaeton!  In other news, stay tuned for the...

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