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Jacking is a fundamental house dance move that's really important since it forms the core of your house dance style.   You'll use and and integrate it with other house dance moves all the time, and it also helps keep your rhythm, so it's important to practice it often as you're learning house dance.  It's similar to the rocking fundamental dacne move that I teach in Club Dance For Men, but feels different.  Whereas rocking goes down and mostly forward with each beat, jacking has a "swooping up and circular" feeling.  It's a suprisingly difficult move to master, but again,...

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Today's lesson covers an introduction to popping in the clubs, the "fist smash" hand move, and a practice - all filmed in the busy Shibuya district in Tokyo!  The dance lesson and practice is geared towards deep house, but the moves definitely have a place in urban music which I'll demonstrate in other/future instructional videos.  Enjoy!

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The Crouching Tiger is one of the easiest and most eye-catching moves you can dance to with a girl. All it requires is confidence to pull off. It's one of my core go-t moves and I teach it in full to many types of songs in the Club Dance Partnering Level 2 program!  Come get it while it's hot! Click here to read more about the program.

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