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This is a throwback dance video I filmed WAAAAY back in... well, let's just say it's before there was daytime electricity, hot air balloons, ATMs, e-bikes, internet, western chains, and AIR CONDITIONING in Myanmar! I wasn't a vlogger then and just made a bunch of dance clips not sure how they'd all go together, but now with the help of some sweet tunes, I'm able to come up with this montage video.  Enjoy! The dance moves are mostly a mix of contemporary, salsa, a bit of locking, and K-Pop even though the song is more slow tempo EDM, which would...

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Dear Friends, Today, I'm taking my House and Club Dance around the world as I film some dancing in some sweet spots in Chefchaouen, Morocco.  If you're a student of my dance lessons, you'll definitely have seen these moves in the House + EDM programs. Chefchaouen at night is beautiful, but quite noisy late until night.  I'm staying at someone's flat right in the thick of the blue city, and I decide to film some house dancing with a touch of other styles late at night.  Because it's still so busy, I have no choice but to wander, find more...

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Here are some of my recent episodes from my travel, dance, + inspiration vlog.  Feel free to follow/subscribe via Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or email list on the Courage Republic website!  First, doing street magic and dealing with suicidal road crossings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Next, the colourful Timkat Festival: And finally, my day 1 arrival and thoughts in Addis Ababa:

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For this lesson, I set up my filming in and around the beautiful Angkor temples in Cambodia.  For those of you who have been following me, I spent some time last year travelling through parts of Asia, exploring the dance scene, and working on dance projects of an inspirational nature.  Cambodia doesn't really have a strong club scene, but nevertheless, I took my dance there and recorded a few lessons for you.  You'll have to excuse the lower energy in my voice during the practice as I was filming in a sweltering and humid 40 degree Celsius environment.  The instructional...

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As some of you may know, I've been bouncing around clubs during my travels for a while now. I travel as light as possible, but still have to pack a pair of clean, white dance shoes and a collared shirt wherever I go. I've experienced a lot, had to adjust my dance (and game) to different cultures and music, but have had a blast putting myself out there. Most interestingly, I've spent an above average amount of time in Japan, since I've learned the languag e and am expanding Pickupdance in Japanese. For a country so westernized, the club scene...

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