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Here's another lesson and practice from the "Locking For Beginners" program! In this lesson, Lydia will teach the funky locking move, The Scoobot.  It's a great combination move that has several variations, and something you'll definitely want to throw into your locking repertoire. This lesson is designed for beginners, and more lessons are covered on the "Locking for Beginners" program.  In addition, there is a women's variation on the program, "Locking And Waacking For Women" that extends with women's styling and waacking.

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In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to "How Deep Is Your Love" by Calvin Harris. This song has a chill, deep house beat with a moderate tempo that makes it great for freestyling and trying out new dance mvoes. As usual, the song has several "quiet sections", such as the intro and the bridge, in which we'll do shoulder rolls and isolations. Once the beat drops, we'll switch amongst several dance moves: The Toe Tap Switchup Pattern, which is a variation on the basic Heel Toe dance move, Loose Legs, Half-Jacking + Variations, and Shuffle Variation. All these dance...

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In this EDM Dance lesson, we'll dance to "What Do You Mean" by Justin Bieber.  It's a popular song and rightfully so - the song has some clean and nicely produced house elements.  It has a faster tempo than Justin Bieber's other hit "Sorry", so we'll ease it up by using some less dynamic moves such as the Groove Step and the Train Pump - both are covered in my EDM/House Dance programs.   Again, the song like many EDM tracks hits several quiet sections, in which we'll practice isolations.  This time, we'll be doing it more freestyle, but I...

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EDM Dancers! Many of you have messaged me wanting lessons with a higher difficulty, so here you go!  I'm also switching to a slightly new format.  Rather than release a whole program at once, I'm releasing individual lessons now.  This way, the release schedule is more consistent.   In this intermediate lesson, we'll be dancing to the classic EDM/Club anthem Ten Feet Tall by Afrojack, starting with a short lesson followed by the practice.  It switches between quiet mostly vocal sections and a high-energy chorus anthem, so we'll be adjusting our moves to match the song (musicality).  The main moves...

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In this lesson, we'll practice some our basic club dance moves to a cover of Rock That Body by the Black Eyed Peas by mixing the basic Step Touch, The Scoop And Pose, the Push Step Hesitation, and some Figure Eights to finish. We'll transition smoothly between the moves as well vary up the timing and pace with the song. Rock That Body is a classic, faster dance track, and always gets people moving, so make sure you stay with the rhythm! Once you have the basic movements down with your feet and hips, you can focus on copying Angela...

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