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This playlist is a deep house playlist! For these tracks, house dance from my EDM Dance programs work best. Where can you dance to deep house? Unlike EDM, smaller niche venues are best. Zedd, Katy Perry - 365 (Zedd Remix) Nice and deep. Nikki Vianna & Matoma - When You Leave (Breathe Carolina Remix) This one is EDM pop with a deep/progressive house mix Trey Songz - Chi Chi (feat. Chris Brown) [Croatia Squad Remix] Also deep/progressive house. This track is a nice mix of urban and house. Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me (Rudimental Remix - Visualiser) EDM...

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In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to the chart topping hit  "This Is What You Came For" by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna.  The song switches between a pretty clubby verse to an extremely catchy classic-house style chorus.  Since we've done so many practices, this one is going to step it up with some advanced combinations. For the start and verse, we'll go slow with shoulder rolls or shoulder hits, and then merge into body rolls, though you're definitely welcome to mix it up with any of the "slow" moves I cover in my club and house dance programs.   Now,...

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Get ready to lock!  We just released a locking program so prepare to see some preview lessons pop up in the next few days.  In the meantime, here's a fun club-style locking video for you to groove to today! In this club style locking lesson, we'll dance to "Can't Stop That Feeling" by Justin Timberlake. This Top 40 track is funky and grooving which makes it perfect to lock to it. Locking is a funky social dance that dates back to the 70's that's evolved and can be mixed it with lots of different music nowadays. For this practice, we'll lock...

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In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to "Sorry" by Justin Bieber.  It's a popular song and rightfully so - the song has a classic house sound do it.  It also has a slower tempo, making it a great pratice song for beginners.  We'll build into the song by doing half-jacking and jacking for the verse. The song hits several quiet sections, in which we'll practice isolations.  In the first break, we'll practice shoulder isolations.  You won't actually do it in the club, but we'll smooth it out in the next break.  We'll also mix in body rolls, which are...

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In this lesson, we'll practice some our basic club dance moves to a cover of Rock That Body by the Black Eyed Peas by mixing the basic Step Touch, The Scoop And Pose, the Push Step Hesitation, and some Figure Eights to finish. We'll transition smoothly between the moves as well vary up the timing and pace with the song. Rock That Body is a classic, faster dance track, and always gets people moving, so make sure you stay with the rhythm! Once you have the basic movements down with your feet and hips, you can focus on copying Angela...

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