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  Today's lesson builds on the previous Havana dance lesson for beginners, and I show you some fun (and eye-catching) variations on the cha-cha sidestep. This includes the open break (1:26), cha-cha side step with movement (5:41), and the cha-cha slide (12:15). We'll go through each of the moves individually and slowly. And I'll then show them all facing away from the camera (18:00). Once you're ready, we can move onto the dance practices in another video (coming soon)!  

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camila cabello, cha cha for beginners, havana dance camila cabello, havana dance tutorial, how to dance cha cha, how to dance to havana -

In these lessons, we're going to dance to the song Havana using the basic cha-cha sidestep. The cha-cha step is what I consider a high impact dance step. It's not too difficult, but if you do it in sync with a woman, it looks amazing and will definitely attract a lot of attention. Once you get this basic step down, you can build off of it with other dance moves. Because Havana has a modern urban feel to it, it's open to a lot of interpretation, including adding hip hop, isolations, and other dance styles. I freestyle a little in...

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