My Number One Club Dance Tip

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My Number One Club Dance Tip

Smile. That's it.  Sound simple really, but it's something most guys miss, especially if you're learning new moves and trying them on the dance floor.  At other times, the music gets a little repetitive, and we lose momentum.  I know, I know - girls can dance the whole night with the same simple moves while we guys get bored.  The smile is the first thing to go, when in fact, it should be the last thing to go.  If you're running out of dance steam, do less energetic dance moves, but keep the smile.

Great Dancer, No Smile

This doesn't happen too often.  If you watch the show "So You Think You Can Dance", or any dance competition for that matter, you'll notice that all the performing dancers have a fixed smile the whole time, and frequently flash that smile towards the judges.  You won't be looking out at the audience, but your audience is the girl or group of friends you're with. 

I go salsa dancing often.  I've seen all the looks some guys do.  

I remember a few months ago, one of my dance partners was dancing with one of the best salsa dancers in the club.  He performed these incredibly low and dangerous dips and strong moves.

When they were done, I asked her,  "Wow.  How was that?", expecting a positive answer.

She replied, "It was weird.  Did you see that look he was giving me the whole time?"

I looked over.  The guy was giving this greasy suave look to the girl he was dancing with.

I've talked to many of my salsa partners who've told me that they get creepy vibes from some guys who don't smile, even guys who dance well.  They don't mind dancing with guys just getting into salsa, but don't like dancing with creepy guys.  You don't want to be creepy.  Once you're labeled creepy, it's an uphill battle to get in the good books of a girl.

Bad Dancer, Great Smile

On the contrary, if you're a bad dancer but you're smiling, this is acceptable.  It's infectious actually.   Sometimes, my buddies and I will do some contrived line dancing, or line up side by side and do the Broadway show kicks, or do robot competitions.  Ever form a congo line?  Then you know what I'm talking about.  We're having fun, we're smiling, other people are smiling, and they join us.

Smile when you're dancing to music you don't normally dance to.  Have fun with it.  I especially like going cheesy when I can twist to the oldies or oldies-themed songs (e.g. Sean Kingston "Beautiful Girls").  Don't overdo it though if you're really bad and you know it.  It does get tiring to look at.  Minimize movements once in a while and of course, take some lessons.

Also, if you're in an out of place event or club, like a goth event, hardcore rave, house lounge full of regulars, then this is where your smile comes in handy.

Of course, great dancer, great smile is the best combination!

Take That Smile Off The Dance Floor Too

If you're not on the dance floor, and take a break chatting with your buddies on the sidelines.  Sometimes, you guys might run out of things to say (I recommend to play some games with each other), and end up standing by the bar glancing around.  This looks bad, but it's not so bad if you guys lay back, look out at the scene with a smile.

Most importantly, the smile has to be genuine.  Almost everyone is capable of recognizing a weak or nervous smile.  The cool part is that if you project a big, beaming smile, you'll start feeling better too!