May 2019 Club/EDM/Shuffle Dance Songs

May 2019 Club/EDM/Shuffle Dance Songs

Here are some songs I recommend dancing to. As usual, I'll break down the general EDM music sub-genre to help you find kind of EDM you like most, as well as some dance step recommendations from my dance programs. Just remember that these days, EDM is usually a mix of several music styles. Youtube videos are below.

Kygo - Happy Now (R3HAB Remix) EDM Pop + Progressive House chours. The original track is a pop track with Kygo's signature tropical house synths that's more suited for listening to in your car. This remix has heavier beat for dancing EDM/House/Shuffle dance moves to.

Sofi Tukker - Fantasy (R3HAB Remix) Also EDM Pop + Progressive House chorus. Remember to use your "slow moves" such as body/shoudler rolls for all the sections with no beats.

MØ - Sun In Our Eyes (Don Diablo Remix) EDM Pop with Deep House/Progressive house chorus. Excellent house section - try some classic house dance moves.

Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho (Morgan Page Remix) I've heard a lot of remixes of this track. This one is EDM Pop + Trance. It's a bit fast, so I'd do less Shuffle Dance and more EDM/House. Switch to jacking/rocking if it's too fast.

Khalid - Talk (Disclosure VIP) Classic house. House dance moves all the way!

Beginner club dance moves work for all the tracks.

 If the embedded videos don't play, click here to watch directly on Youtube.