It's A Lot Like The Movie Hitch - Why Women Find Dancing Attractive

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It's A Lot Like The Movie Hitch - Why Women Find Dancing Attractive

Someone told me something interesting this past Saturday night.  I usually wear a custom shirt with my URL embroidered on the back of my shirt when I go out.

After watching me dance, an intrigued girl watching me asked me about my business.  After I told her, she remarked that it was very much like the Will Smith's character in Hitch.

I've never made that connection before, but now that I think about it, what I do is a LOT like that dance scene from the movie Hitch.  I watch guys dance, correct their faults (including cheesy dance moves!), and advise them to stick to the basics at the beginning.  Of course, there is the exception that we go beyond basic moves and build  up to more advanced techniques and styling at a comfortable pace.

But here's the best part.  I feel like my students are like the great guys/students from Hitch - they're definitely the guys women want to meet.  If you're a guy who wants to make some change in your life and learn dance, it subcommunicates a lot to women.  By subcommunication, I mean that it's showing attractive qualities about a guy without being direct about it.

If you're direct about your "attractive" qualities, that is, you go on and on about empty bragging rights such as your fancy car, large house, high-paying job, etc., you might need to re-evaulate yourself and your ego.  For most women I've encountered - I'd say over 95% - bragging is a major turn-off.  If you dance, or even tell a woman that you're learning how to dance, then it subcommunicates so much more and leaves much to the imagination.  It tells her indirectly that you're someone who is interested in self-improvement.

If you dance, good or bad, it tells her that you have a healthy amount of confidence.  The funny thing about dancing and confidence is that if you don't have too much of it, the more you dance, the more confident you get.  This can be applied to pretty much any social skill.  For example, I had a similar experience with Toastmasters and public speaking.

Dancing also tells women indirectly that you like to try new things and have fun, which says a lot about a person's character.  Most guys who can't dance aren't afraid to confess that they're bad dancers - in fact, it seems like a macho thing to be a guy who doesn't dance - but the special ones do something about it.

Women complain to me all the time about not meeting the right guys.  Ladies, guys who love dancing are the ones you're looking for, and I'm not saying this to advertise myself.   Just watch out for the cocky dancer with the abnormally large ego.  These guys are rare though and easy to spot, because they're body language or insincere smile can be read like an open book.  This is a whole other story though.

I'm no Will Smith, but I do want the best for my students.  When I hear the feedback I get from my students, I know I'm onto something.  Thanks guys!