How To Move Your Hands While Dancing | Club Dance For Men

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How To Move Your Hands While Dancing | Club Dance For Men

One of the most asked questions I get from my students is "How do I move my hands when I'm dancing?" or "What do I do with my hands?".  To become a natural dancer, freestyle hand movements are really important.  It showcases many things: confidence in your dancing, musicality/your understanding of the song, and most importantly - that you're having fun.  However, to get to that level, you must have basic hand movements comfortably dialed.  

For a lot of beginner dancers, hand movements tend to be confusing because they throw off one's steps.  Ultra-beginners have two choices.  As shown in Part 1 of my Hand Movement lessons below, you can hold your hands in generally static positions, such as the home position or holding your hands up.  However, I recommend that beginners vary up their hand movements as soon as possible.  The second choice is to practice the footwork so you can move to the music comfortably.  When you have the steps down naturally, you can start integrating hands.

In the first video (Part 1), we learn the most basic hand movements.  In the second part, I show some additional hand movements to go with The Step Touch dance move.  These are the most basic hand movements to go with club dancing.  As you progress with my lessons, I'll cover many, many more hand movements to eventually get you to the freestyle level.  In many ways, freestyle hand movement is much like the way a hip hop artists moves his/her hands while singing or rapping: It just flows naturally.

In my newly revised Club Dance For Men Level 1 program, I've put a much stronger emphasis on hand movement lessons, based on your feedback.  In fact, for each dance move, I have a separate lessons just covering hand movements.  There are even separate practices just focused on hand movements, since there are so many hand movements.  Check out the new dance course today!

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