How To Lock (Dance) For Beginners

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How To Lock (Dance) For Beginners

Dear Student,

We're excited to announce our new locking program. Locking is a funk-style street dance that works really well for funk and disco inspired music. Funk music has never died, and you'll constantly hear funk-inspired music in Top 40 tracks, such as in our previously released lesson for Justin Timberlake's single "Can't Stop The Feeling". Locking also really popular in EDM, even forming sub-genres like Disco House. Most importantly, it gets people dancing, and locking is something you can definitely throw into the mix.

In this lesson, Lydia will teach you the signature move that gives locking its name - The Lock. Specifically, she'll show you how to properly do the basic up lock, then regular lock, as well as some variations before going into a slow practice to get you started. This lesson is designed for beginners, and more lessons can be found on the newly released "Locking for Beginners" program.  In addition, there is a women's variation on the program, "Locking And Waacking For Women" that extends with women's styling and waacking, and a section that covers how to adapt locking into EDM and Club Dance!