How To Dance To EDM - What To Do For Quiet Sections (Progressive House)

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How To Dance To EDM - What To Do For Quiet Sections (Progressive House)

A common question I get from students is "What do I do during the quiets parts/sections of a dance song?"  Quiet sections usually happen during many EDM club tracks. It could be that the DJ attenuates the bass line or beat on purpose for a buildup, the song itself is building up to the chorus (usually an awesome dance section), the song enters a quiet bridge, or is in transition with another track.  

Most commonly, EDM tracks have a purposely built-in "quiet" section because it really builds the energy for the dance floor.  It's particularly common in trippy trance songs. Sometimes, the quiet sections are really, really LONG - I've analyzed some tracks that are almost 80% beat-free in fact.  However, most clever DJ's will usually mix songs such that the "quiet" sections only happen before a long set of dance beats.

In this club dance lesson and practice, we're going to do a full practice to a progressive house song that has built-in quiet parts.  We're going to mix up a core set of basic moves from my Club Dance For Men Level 2 Program - Step Touch Variations, Hand Movements, The Hesitation, Rocking, and most importantly - Shoulder Rolls.  

We'll use the Shoulder Rolls during the quiet parts of the song, and then mix in the other dance moves.  For the practice, I'll count us in for the transitions, and you'll also see a warning on the titles.  In a real club EDM song, you won't have the luxury of me counting you in, but with this practice and more, you'll be able to understand dance songs better and naturally transition over time.

There are plenty of other dance moves you can do to the quiets parts of a club dance song.  For those moves, more transitions, dance move variations, the Shoulder Rolls lesson, and more, check out the Club Dance For Men Level 2 Program.

If you can't see the video below, click here to see the video on Youtube.