How To Dance To EDM - The Hesitation Dance Practice (Slow)

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How To Dance To EDM - The Hesitation Dance Practice (Slow)

Continuing on The Hesitation lesson, this is the first of several practices to the dance move.  As mentioned in the original lesson, I've discovered that The Hesitation is a harder dance move for beginners to put together, so I've broken down the dance move more.  

In the practice, we'll dance at half-speed to start, and practice the individual movements that make up The Hestiation dance move - double rocking, isolations, and swinging your shoulders around.  We'll exaggerate the movements, and when you take the dance move to the club, you can tone it down for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in particular.  I especially feel it's good for Techno, Electro, and Top 40 EDM.

After the individual movements, we'll practice combining it all together, again slowly at half-speed.  In future lessons, we'll dance to medium and club-speed practices, work on variations and transitions with other dance moves, and integrate hand movements.  

For more lessons on how to dance in a club, as well as more practices, check out the Club Dance For Men Level 2: Confidence program on DVD or Digital Download.  If you can't see the video below, click here to see it directly on Youtube.