How To Dance To EDM Level 2 RELEASED!

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How To Dance To EDM Level 2 RELEASED!

Hey Club Dancers!

I'm proud to announce the release of How To Dance To EDM LEVEL 2!  Continuing on the foundation set by Level 1, Level 2 gets you in deep with the trickier classics while stepping up the pace with some incredible footwork.  As usual, all the house dance moves have a special emphasis for the clubs and EDM, though I still do cover the classic house dance style for completeness.  

In Level 2, I start training you to become a better freestyle dancer, which is important for EDM, because the music constantly changes in the clubs, whether it be smoother trance anthem, a fast progressive dubstep beat, or a hard club-banging electro track.  You want to go with the flow, and dance with the music, not against it.  Not only does it show your style and understanding of the music, but it's just damn fun to be dancing in-sync with your favorite music!  

We'll cover free-flowing moves like Skate and also dance hard with ground-smashing moves like the Spin Step.  On top of that, we'll link plenty of moves together, and free up our hands to perfect that freestyle look.  Because everthing is a step up in footwork, I've spent much more time putting the whole program together.   Along with multiple speed practices, you'll also see many split screens and close-ups in the practices so you can follow along.  I also do practices front-facing and back facing, so you're sure you're doing everything right.

As a result, House Dance For Clubs And EDM Level 2 is an extra jam-packed course, weighing in at 5 Discs Long, combined with the VIP access and some bonus practices.   It's currently available on instant High Definition Digital Download, so click here to get the full breakdown of the program, and get a head start on everyone in the clubs!   Also, check out the awesome new trailer below as well as the Spin Step lesson.  If you can't see the videos, then click here to get moving today.

Again, thanks for all your support, feedback, and shares - because of you, I can keep pushing out great content for you to enjoy! 

See you on the dance floor!



How To Dance To EDM Level 2 Trailer:

The Spin Step Lesson: