How To Dance To AVICII'S LEVELS (Tribute)!

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How To Dance To AVICII'S LEVELS (Tribute)!

Dear Friends,

I'm off to no good again with this dance instructional video! I hope you don't mind the more casual tone of this tutorial - I confess, I felt a little restricted in the ways I was making videos before, and felt this style motivates me much more. I hope you don't mind that my pug Bobby is in this video - he just felt like he had to be there!

So in this first of three dance tutorials, I'll be teaching you how a move I named the Avicii Spin. Avicii passed away tragically, and in celebration of his life and music, we'll dance to one of the more popular songs he's known for - Levels. Besides just learning the Avicii Spin move, I'll be showing how to dance to his song 'Levels' completely by transitioning from other dance moves, since the Avicii Spin is considered an accent dance step. 

For the chorus of Levels, we'll be mixing in the Pas de Bourree, but we'll make it bouncier to match the song.  We'll also be covering another transition in the build up part of the song, in Part 2. And in part 3, we'll tie everything together in a full dance practice. I also show some beginners variations, though to do the complete combination could be considered intermediate or even advanced to some (for EDM/club dance). The nuances of the Pas De Bouree is fully covered in my EDM dance programs.

Don't forget to click like, subscribe, and leave some comments on things you would like to see.  In fact, this video was motivated by a student watching me freestyle dance in one of my travel videos. Speaking of which, here's another episode from my Courage Republic travel vlog: