How To Dance To AVICII'S LEVELS Part 2 (Helpful Combo)

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How To Dance To AVICII'S LEVELS Part 2 (Helpful Combo)

In this second of three dance tutorials dedicated in memoriam to Avicii, we're going to build on the Avicii Spin I taught in the first lesson and I'm going to give you a useful combo to fill in the build-up sections of the song. Like many EDM tracks, Avicii's song Levels has a dynamic chorus accompanied by several quieter build-up sections. 

For beginners, I recommend doing shoulder rolls. However, once you got that down and you want more, then there's several moves you can mix in. For the purpose of this lesson and practice, we'll be doing a crossover step that I name Loose Legs Simple in my EDM Dance Programs. Loose Legs Simple is a core dance move I teach in my programs, and I add lots of styling and practices for it. It's important to dance it well since you can build on the dance move.

We'll transition from Loose Legs Simple into the Pas de Bouree dance move for the chorus. I'll show the move facing in front (mirrored) as well as behind since the transition is fast and can be tricky for many. Once you have this move and the steps shown in the first tutorial, it's time to move on to the dance practice!