How To Dance The Harlem Shake

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How To Dance The Harlem Shake

There's this crazy internet video meme going around these days - The Harlem Shake - based around a dubstep-type song created by a DJ names Baauer.  It's not something I usually cover in my dance lessons, but because the song has spawned a large number of viral videos and has made its way into pop culture, it's also been receiving some airplay in the clubs.  As such, I was asked by a few students to provide some moves.

Note: This Harlem Shake is not to be confused with a real 80's dance move named The Harlem Shake.

Building on my cheesy dance moves and Gangnam style dance lessons, the Harlem Shake steps it down much more in that there's no real structure.  It's really meant to be fun and silly.  So, I've broken some moves down for you to do for the two main sections of the song: the build-up before the bass drop and the dubstep-style section with the bass line.

I also finish off with a one-man Harlem Shake demo, in the spirit of stupidity.  I still can't believe I went through with it!  

If you can't see the embedded video below, click here to go directly to the Youtube video.