Gangnam Style Surprise Wedding Dance!

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Gangnam Style Surprise Wedding Dance!

This video features a couple doing a wedding dance routine based on my Slow Dance and Wedding Dance For Beginners Program combined with a surprise Gangnam Style breakout routine.  It was particularly good considering we only put the routine together two days before the wedding!

The dance pretty much follows my Wedding Dance For Beginners program as outlined.  It starts off with a slow dance with a simple basic step and some easy turn patterns.  Using the included song mixing software and instructions, the song cuts off, Gangnam Style is mixed in, and it's all finished with an explosion.  

As you can hear from the crowd's reaction,  it was definitely one of the highlights of the night, and the video likely will bring good memories and laughs for years to come.    the shock and surprise from the song cutoff to the groom's horse shuffle is priceless.