EDM Beginner Dance Moves: The Hesitation

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EDM Beginner Dance Moves: The Hesitation

Here's a free dance lesson taken from the my newly updated Club Dance For Men Level 2 program - The Hesitation. 

The Hesitation is an original dance move I created for EDM club music.  It's perfect for the clubs because it's static foot-wise and doesn't take up too much space, making it very good for crowded clubs. It's also useful for dancing close to a girl (take out the hand movements) and because of the confident upper body movement.   You can see it in use in my partnering programs - I call it a "close-up" dance move.

Originally, The Hesitation was covered in my Club Dance For Men Level 1 program, but many students found that it was covered rather quickly, and more difficult to get "the right look" in practice.  As a result, the new Hesitation lesson is longer as I break down the individual movements, or "sub-movements" as I call them.  This is based on work I've done with several students since the filming of my original program, and what I found works with beginners.  Combined with variations, it's definitely a Level 2 dance move now.

And, like most of my programs now, hand movement lessons are covered in a separate lesson, so you can build up the dance move as you feel comfortable. For that lesson , variations, and more, check out the new Club Dance For Men Level 2: Confidence program!

If you can't see the video below, click here to see it on Youtube.