Club Dance For Men Level 2 Program: New Release!

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Club Dance For Men Level 2 Program: New Release!

Hey Club Dancers,

In keeping consistency with the full update to my flagship Club Dance For Men Level 1 program, I've also completely re-filmed, updated, and re-released Club Dance For Men Level 2: Confidence.  Updated based on your feedback, the new program has slower-paced lessons, practices at varying speeds, and LOTS of music updates.  It's a VERY full program that's so full that I prefer to refer it as a dance course, because given the new length, it needs to be approached a little at a time.

Club Dance For Men Level 2 is now 5 discs long, with relevant material from the original program added as a bonus download effectively making it 6 discs long!  Just like Level 1, Level 2 has many, many additional features.  Given the landscape of today's dance music, I've licensed several commercial club tracks, with a particular emphasis on EDM (Electronic Dance Music).  You'll learn how to dance to all kinds of Electronic Dance Music from Top 40 Club Dance (club bangers) to Progressive House.  Don't forget, if you really like Electronic Dance Music, make sure you check out my House Dance For Clubs and EDM programs.

In addition, one of your favorite features from my programs are the full dance practices, which I have great news for.  Club Dance For Men Level 2 features a full disc with just dance practices of full club songs from start to finish!  By practicing to full club songs, you'll see how to fit the dance moves into a real scenario, how to adapt them to different parts of a song (musicality), and then take it to the clubs and go freestyle!  Level 2 has been designed to build on the fundamentals from Level 1, and give you a solid arsenal of dance moves so you can dance with CONFIDENCE in any club or social environment.

As always, I won't give you a silly bunch of club dance moves.  All of the dance moves are club-tested, and we spend more time focusing on style and movement.  And most importantly, because  of your requests, I again include separate lessons on hand movements, which is super important for getting that freestyle and confident look.  

As always, the program includes mobile reference and access to the VIP section for more lessons!  Club Dance For Men Level 2: Confidence is available on digital download today, so check it out now! (DVD coming soon)   If you can't see the trailer below, click here to see it on Youtube.