Club Dance For Men Level 1: Completely New Release!

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Club Dance For Men Level 1: Completely New Release!

Hey Club Dancers!

My original Club Dance For Men Level 1 program has helped a lot of guys out there become better and more confident dancers.  It was the first dance program of its kind, was based on real-life teaching experiences, and was targeted for beginner men.  After its release, I received plenty of feedback from customers and students, and I released an update to the program, making it a 3-Disc set.  

However, the update was still felt more like a software patch, and as I got better in front of and behind the camera, I felt that it was better that I re-filmed the program from scratch to make it once and for all complete to my satisfaction.   Now, I'm proud to re-introduce my landmark program - Club Dance For Men Level 1: Rhythm And Basic Steps!  

It's evolved into a hefty 5-Disc+ course, and it's been updated to reflect your feedback and the club experience today.  I've changed the pacing to suit beginners even better, but have included plenty of tricky dance moves and combinations to keep better beginners.  Besides a renovated studio, the program now has dance practices at multiple speeds, to more genres of club dance music, more breakdowns and dance move variations, and separate hand movement lessons.  

As you've seen with my House Dance For Clubs And Electronic Dance Music program, I've also put a heavier emphasis on electronic dance music such as electro, techno, euro, and rave, and I have plenty of newly licensed commercial club tracks for us to practice to!  The program is incredibly jam-packed with many, many more features.   In fact, I couldn't really fit it into 5-Discs and made a bonus disc available as a download.  Currently, the program is only available in Hi-Definition Digital Download format, but expect the DVD to follow soon.

Existing students, no need to worry - I always have you covered.  If you're interested in the new program, message me, and I'll hook you up with a steep discount.  Please check out the trailer, as well as the newly revised Rocking and Easy Shift below,  and click here to see the new Club Dance For Men Level 1 program!



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Club Dance For Men Level 1: Rhythm And Basic Steps Trailer:

The New Rocking Lesson:

The New Easy Shift Lesson: