Calvin Harris + Rihanna EDM Dance Lesson (This Is What You Came For)

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Calvin Harris + Rihanna EDM Dance Lesson (This Is What You Came For)

In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to the chart topping hit  "This Is What You Came For" by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna.  The song switches between a pretty clubby verse to an extremely catchy classic-house style chorus.  Since we've done so many practices, this one is going to step it up with some advanced combinations. For the start and verse, we'll go slow with shoulder rolls or shoulder hits, and then merge into body rolls, though you're definitely welcome to mix it up with any of the "slow" moves I cover in my club and house dance programs.  

Now, for the chorus we'll dance with Train and the Trance Hop, though we'll do it two different ways: statically and dynamically.  When dancing "statically", or more clubby, Train will be more like a Toe Tap.  For the final verse, we'll do a crazy combo mixing Train and The Trance Hop every 4 counts. Give it a try!  Nailing it will help you dance freestyle, but if you feel like you're losing the step, just do the easier 8 count version. All these dance moves with extra practices and variations are covered in my EDM/House Dance programs.  

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